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Society Management

Today’s modern society needs a much modern solution for its management, which can reduce human efforts. Society members can’t run the activities smoothly without proper management like maintenance, parking, security etc. There is need to be establish committee of some people within the society for day to day activities.   

“Why society management software”
Housing societies are an immense responsibility to manage. With their sizes increasing everyday to take form similar to integrated townships, managing them has become task of its own.

Complex data management: With society management software you can manage the most complex data of owners, tenants, vendors, staff, vehicles, income and expenses etc.
Transparency into operations: Keeping records manually on papers is difficult and time consuming. If you want to retrieve particular data, you dig a well of sorts—let alone bringing transparency into operations. With Society management software you user can easily find out information which needed.
Manages data digitally and keep it centralised.
With Software management can also track Meeting, Polling, Broadcast, Notice board, Amenities and Event booking.
Software keeps the track of Expense and Income management like maintenance charge, vendor payment, etc.
Manages Staff and Visitors with all the details: Maintain the records of visitors or staff like personal data, entry time and exit time etc. 

Features of SnB – “what it actually provides”

Payment management:
Get maintenance, events and amenities direct in community/ society bank account through UPI, Credit card, Debit card or Net banking online payment; and generate accounting and pending balance report in just one click.

Expense management: Track community expenses and attach receipt in society notebook; and generate tax reports, TDS reports and other financial accounting reports in just one click.

Accounting and Reports: Society notebook accounting system makes your account management simple and easy. Generate financial and accounting statements in just one click from anywhere and anytime. Get real time reports and notify for pending balance payment through SMS, device notification and Email.

Digital Invoice and Receipt: Go Paperless and generate maintenance invoice and payment receipt of any dates at anytime and anywhere for personal accounting.

Amenities and Event Booking: No need to maintain the booking register for community/ society common premises. Society notebook App manages available dates of premises. Provide online booking service, auto calculate charges and also pay booking charges online.

Meeting management: Schedule meeting and invite all members or particular group. Get notification before meeting and send minute of meeting to the members. Upload notice in society notebook notice board that can view and download by community members.

Helpdesk and Broadcast: Easily maintain and Group different types of complaints and service requests. Notify the progress and provide action taken on complaint and service request with attach photos and comments.

Vendor management: No need to maintain attendance register for staff and other vendors. Add vendors and manage their accounting direct in society notebook app. Attach vendors invoices, deduct the taxes like GST and TDS, and set payment reminder.

Parking management: Manage parking and stop vehicle to do wrong parking will never be easy. Society notebook provides easy way to manage reserved parking for vehicles and smart notification process for wrong parking.

Document management: Maintain all apartment and housing society related document in one place. Maintain leasing agreement of apartment and auto notification if agreement is near to expire.

Polling and Notice Board: Society notebook app makes the voting process very easy. Just create a poll, give the option, set the rules and publish for the residents to vote. The residents keep notify before polling start and close to end. Create notice of polling result and share digitally society notebook notice board.  


Society Security
Visitor management system for society needs as strong a security system as possible. The best security is the one where humans and technology work together.

However, visitor security management app you can get real time view of who is entering the society. Firstly, have absolute control as to who you should allow or deny entry. Secondly, system gives confidence whoever comes inside your house or society is authorized at the entrance of the society only.

The system provides all the necessary records of all visitors to your flat and that records can be available anytime and anywhere at your fingertips. The recorded data is very important in emergency case and also for future use.

Features/Benefits to Residents: “Worry less about the security”
  • You can Validate visitors from your mobile phone even if intercom is down!
You can receive real time notifications on visitors coming to your home.
Immediate help during emergencies from security guard to society members.
You can manage staff attendance (Cook, maid, nanny, driver).
You can welcome to coming visitors, by entering them as Expected visitor.

Features/Benefits to Society office or management committee:
User can manage security processes anywhere and anytime through application.
Better transparency into security processes and optimize security costs.
Because of the accurate data capture at the security gate user can prevent pilferage of inventory, goods, water, diesel etc.

Above all, how to view history in society guard?

  1. In society guard home screen click on history button given at the bottom of screen
  2. Enter name, Unique number or mobile number of visitor in search box – visitor record will display for search visitor
  3. Select start date and end date range – – visitor record will display for selected date range
Society guard also have many more advanced features some of them are:
Apartment society to manage their staff members digitally by tracking their punch in, punch out time, attendance. You can also, mark you staff member present absent on daily basis and notify if your personal staff enter.


Maintenance charges collected from the members of society and calculated with the amount which is required for overall maintenance of the society. Maintenance charge which is paid monthly or annually by apartment resident to the society complex for upkeep of the common area. The remaining amount will be kept aside for future use of society.
Late payment penalties have to be tracked and constantly added till payments are all cleared up.
For the housing society management, making all the apartment related payments is cumbersome task and keeping records manually on papers becomes unmanageable and difficult to access. So, you can manage your society maintenance transactions conveniently with the society management application.

“What SnB application provides”
For the late payment of maintenance, system will generate reminders constantly through message and Email. And because of that, most of the society members pay the maintenance charge on time. It will helpful to increase growth in income of the society.
All maintenance charges deposited directly to the account of society and society members get acknowledgement instantly.
Members will get multiple payment options like Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI and Net Banking.
If payment made through other transaction like Cash, Cheque or NEFT then user can add the details of mode of payment with attachment.
It remove manual intervention of management to add payment detail in the system. as all the detail of payment is already added by the resident.
Reconciliation is simple to the society management.
The society management get defaulters report instantly.
SnB app provides every single transaction details of the maintenance to the society if needed.

Collecting society maintenance is a tedious job