How society residents find their lost items?

Socities where many family leaves together there is a chance that society members can lost their items by any reason. It is difficult for them to find those items or good later. Finding lost tem is a very easy job now.  Use Society Notebook Free Community Management App to find lost item your lost item with it’s Classified feature. Society members can inform other society memebers id anything lost or found. Add details of your item that you losted and that details will shared with other members. Item details contain owner’s contact details so it is easy for any member to conatct if found the losted item. With this feature you can also inform other member if you found someone lost items.

Don’t be afraid or panic if you lost any item just inform other memebrs and find your item back.

Use Society Notebook Free Community Management App to find lost item, also use can uploads free classified for selling or buying any articles along with image . Free listing of itme for sell or buy within your Society or other Societies in your area city. Also add item that you want for your home and you can easily get everything on a single click.

How to add/upload classified in Society Notebook?
1. Home SnB Home Screen – Clcik on menu bar
2. Select Classified option
3. Seelct any option from given option – Buy & Sell, Lost & Found, Wanted
4. Search for the item (Appliences or electronics) or can add new one – click on add
5. Enter item details and click on submit
6. Classified is added

Also society notebook linked with society guard, a visitor management system helps to improve process for housing & apartment community;

More Key features:
Apartment society to manage their staff members digitally by tracking their punch in, punch out time, attendance. You can also, mark you staff member present absent on daily basis and notify if your personal staff enter.

Records visitor in and out to the society, apartment and other places. With SnB approve your  new visitor  and not disturb for visitor mark as frequent and can also mark any visitor. Inform resident if visitor mark an in-appropriate by any member of society. 

Check it out free apartment and housing society app; available in android, also in iOS smartphone.
Android App Link (Click here) 
– IOS App Link(Click here)



Society Notebook Liife Time Free

SnB (Society Notebook) is LIFE TIME FREE end-to-end solution for housing/apartment residential community “called Housing Society” to manage their day-to-day activities, security and accounting. The Housing Society collects money from residents to maintain common area and property. SnB makes housing society digital and track payments, expenses, taxes, vendors, employees, complaints, communications, meetings, amenities, assets, vehicles, documents.