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Society Management

In society with large number of units. Number of guest arrives are also more. Maintain record of all these guest manually is not possible. Many time guest arrive in society to meet resident but resident member is not available at home. Also, many time guard is not sure about the visitor. Visitor verification is necessary for security purpose.  For such situation it is necessary to notify your guard about your visitor. Add expected visitor for hassle free visitor management.

With society guard you can add your expected visitor to make visitor management easy and hassle free. With the help of society notebook residents can add his “Expected Visitor” details and notify guard about that visitor. So Security guard will automatically know about the Expected Visitor. Visitor can enter into society premises by verifying pass-code.Expected visitor feature of society guard is very helpful to reduced work for Security guard.

How to add expected visitor in Society Notebook: Housing society Management App

  1. In society notebook home screen click on Menu icon given on top left corner of screen
  2. Select visitor option, click on add button
  3. Enter visitor details like Name, Visitor mobile number and purpose
  4. Set expected date and time of visit click on save
  5. Visitor added successfully pop up window will appear with 10-digit passcode that resident need to share with his/her visitor.

Some more features of society guard are 

  • Staff Attendance System (Click Here for Details)

    Apartment society to manage their staff members digitally by tracking their punch in, punch out time, attendance. You can also, mark you staff member present absent on daily basis and notify if your personal staff enter.

Records visitor in and out to the society, apartment and other places. With SnB approve your  new visitor  and not disturb for visitor mark as frequent and can also mark any visitor. Inform resident if visitor mark an in-appropriate by any member of society. 

Check it out free apartment and housing society app; available in android, also in iOS smartphone.
Android App Link (Click here) 
– IOS App Link(Click here)


Society Management
Service staff plays key role in our day to day life. We all are somehow dependent on our staff to complete our daily routine job. For societies, society staff is very important in residence convenience point of view. For society with large number of units it is therefore important to maintain proper staff record for society security.  As society resident are depends on society staff so keep record of each staff attendance is a very essential for them but track staff attendance record for everyday is not possible. Manage your staff working hours digitally is always a good option.

Capture staff attendance accurately any way you want with society notebook’s staff management. Society notebook provides a simple attendance management system that helps you to manage you staff working hours digitally. Keep staff attendance properly scheduled: the daily attendance of staff can be maintained & it also makes it easy to count his leaves, etc. You can also View service history of a given staff to obtain feedback on the staff before employing.

How to add staff in society notebook?
– Click on profile button on SnB home screen
– Scroll down and click on add button given in staff segment
– Select staff option – Enter staff details (Select staff from list – for existing)
– Staff added successfully.

How to mark staff  as “Absent”?
– Click on menu icon 3 lines on top left corner on SnB home screen
– Select visitor option
– Staff name will be display in visitor list
– Click on more button in front of staff name and select mark as absent option from list
– Your staff will be marked as absent, you can find your staff’s attendance record in details history section of history option.

Also with more advanced feature Society Notebook – Society management system helps to improve process for housing community.

Key features:

·         Payment Management (Click Here for Details)

Get maintenance, events and amenities payment direct in community / society bank account through UPI, credit card, debit card or net banking online payment; and generate accounting and pending balance report in just one click.

·         Digital Invoice & Receipt (Click Here for Details)

Go Paperless, generate receipts and invoice  any time any where on just a single click.

Check it out free apartment and housing society app; available in android, also in iOS smartphone.
Android App Link (Click here) 
– IOS App Link(Click here)