Society notebook: Hassle-free solution for document management

For many societies collect documents from society member and manage them manually is time consuming job. A simple, easy to handle software like society notebook is necessary to manage document digitally. Document security is very important for every society. 

Society notebook is secure, high-tech and best document management software. SnB allow you to maintain all society related document in one place. Most importantly you can manage your important documents like tenant agreement, lease agreement digitally and notify residents. Document management feature is very good option to manage your document digitally in easy way.

To add, view and share document in Society Notebook follow steps:

– Tap on menu icon (3 lines on left corner)
– Select document – Add document (View Document or share Document)
– Click add button to create folder, enter details, select image type and click on save (You can view document by simply click on view document or share document)

Also, other features of society guard, a visitor management system helps to improve process for housing & apartment community;

Apartment society to manage their staff members digitally by tracking their punch in, punch out time, attendance.

Records visitor in and out to the society, apartment and other places. With SnB approve your new visitor without disturbing visitor mark as frequent. Inform resident if visitor mark an in-appropriate by any member of society. 

Check it out free apartment and housing society app;
Android App Link (Click here) 
– IOS App Link(Click here)





Society Notebook Liife Time Free

SnB (Society Notebook) is LIFE TIME FREE end-to-end solution for housing/apartment residential community “called Housing Society” to manage their day-to-day activities, security and accounting. The Housing Society collects money from residents to maintain common area and property. SnB makes housing society digital and track payments, expenses, taxes, vendors, employees, complaints, communications, meetings, amenities, assets, vehicles, documents.