How Pay Maintenance Online?

People are using smartphones to make payments which makes payment more easy and fast. But paying maintenance is tedious. Therefore digital solution is needed which helps resident to pay their maintenance. 

Paying maintenance is easy with payment feature of society notebook. You can pay
maintenance, events and amenities direct in community / society bank account. The payment options are UPI, credit card, debit card or net banking online payment. Generate accounting and pending balance report in just one click. 

Paying maintenance is very easy now, just follow steps given below :
1. Login by entering your registered mobile number and click on next arrow
2. Enter OTP (Six Digit code) in verification screen  and click on submit OTP button
3. On app home screen tap on pay icon
4. Change amount and choose your payment mode
5. Click on details for payment breakdown
6. Maintenance paid successfully

Also other features of society Notebook, a society management system helps to improve process for housing & apartment community;

More Key features:
·         Expense Management (Click Here for Details)

Track community expenses and attach receipt in society notebook. Also generate tax reports like GST report, TDS reports and other financial accounting reports in just one click.

·         Digital Invoice & Receipt (Click Here for Details)

GO PAPERLESS. Most important, generate maintenance invoice and payment receipt of any dates at anytime and anywhere for personal accounting.

·         Parking/Vehicle Management (Click Here for Details)
Manage parking and stop vehicle to do wrong parking will never be easy. In addition, Society Notebook provides easy way to manage reserved parking for vehicles and smart notification process for wrong parking
Society guard in association with society notebook also provide some advanced features like:

More Key features:

Apartment society to manage their staff members digitally by tracking their punch in, punch out time, attendance. You can also, mark you staff member present absent on daily basis and notify if your personal staff enter.

Above all, records visitor in and out to the society, apartment and other places. With SnB approve your new visitor  and not disturb for visitor mark as frequent and can also mark any visitor. Inform resident if visitor mark an in-appropriate by any member of society. 

Check it out free apartment and housing society app; available in android, also in iOS smartphone.
Android App Link (Click here) 
– IOS App Link(Click here)



Society Notebook Liife Time Free

SnB (Society Notebook) is LIFE TIME FREE end-to-end solution for housing/apartment residential community “called Housing Society” to manage their day-to-day activities, security and accounting. The Housing Society collects money from residents to maintain common area and property. SnB makes housing society digital and track payments, expenses, taxes, vendors, employees, complaints, communications, meetings, amenities, assets, vehicles, documents.